Anxiety: How to challenge your enemy

Anxiety and fear come often together

Anxiety is something that troubles many people. It can make you sick, it doesn’t let you sleep, you don’t want to eat anymore. Anxiety is a disease that can be treated. The first step to this treatment is to become aware that you suffer from anxiety attacks.

Anxiety can affect all of us. But it is treatable.

Problems with anxiety can happen to students as early as their college years. Studies show that in 2018, about 63 percent of American college students experienced anxiety. Twenty-three percent even reported seeking treatment.

Always check with a doctor or psychologist first

And that’s the first step you should take, too: If you notice anxiety negatively changing your life, see a doctor or therapist. Depending on the extent of your anxiety, you may first be given pills or the doctor may suggest therapy. You should accept this, because anxiety is something that can be cured.

In an anxiety therapy you get to know the reason of your fears. You will learn how to deal with anxiety and what you can do if it comes back. You will also learn techniques to deal with panic attacks.

By the way, one very effective technique is yoga. This is what scientists from the NYU School of Medicine recently have found out. They discovered that yoga helps with general anxiety problems better than stress management, for example. Only Behavioral Cognitive Therapy, which is considered the gold standard and is based on discussions with trained psychologists, performed better.

Difference between fear and anxiety

Anxiety, by the way, is different from fear. Fear is usually understood as a state that relates to the future or existence. Fear describes the reaction to a current situation. However, it can also apply to certain phobias, for example, the fear of spiders.

Fear has many causes. There are genetic preconditions, childhood experiences, traumatic experiences and deeper-lying mental illnesses. Because the reasons are so varied, you should definitely talk to specialists if you have an illness. It is a curable disease in most cases, especially if the underlying factors can be changed.

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