Breast augmentation in 2021: Great things to know

Breast augmentation is still very popular.

There are many good reasons for women to have their breasts corrected. It is not always just a question of good looks, but also of body image. Many women simply feel more comfortable with corrected and enlarged breasts. And the medical options today are much better than they were when breast augmentation was first introduced. A breast enlargement is not much different from loosing weight to look and feel better.

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Many women want to correct or augment their breasts to feel better

History of breast augmentation

The beginnings of breast augmentation date back to the 1890s. At that time, doctors injected kerosene into women’s breasts because they thought it was similar to fatty tissue. In fact, lumps developed in the breast and other complications.

So surgeons began to fill the breast with body fat, which in itself was a good idea. However, it was not treated and the body simply processes the fat.

It was not until around 1960 that the idea of silicone injections can come up. The material felt comfortable and no complications were expected because it did not actually interact with the body. This was a wrong assumption, the injections also brought problems, as did the kerosene. Eventually, people began to package the silicone material and place small packets in the breast.

This procedure was widely used until a scandal broke in the 1980s, when a company in the U.S. had to defend itself against accusations from women who became ill. At that time, saline breast implants were developed as an alternative because the U.S. FDA banned the silicone models. They were allowed again in 2006, and today there are new and modern silicone breast implants as well as implants filled with saline.

5 good reasons for breast augmentation

Women have always tried to get bigger breasts, just like some men desperately want a bigger penis. It is the nature of man not to be satisfied with his body.

  • Reason 1: Women who have very small breasts simply want a little more bust. Breast augmentation by one cup size is very popular today.
  • Reason 2: Women who have unevenly sized breasts. They want them to be balanced. There is even a hereditary disease where only one breast fully develops during puberty.
  • Reason 3: Women are not satisfied with the shape of the breast. They want a correction in which the breast is somewhat corrected.
  • Reason 4: Women want an impressive bust because it gives them more self-confidence and makes them feel better. They feel more comfortable in their body.
  • Reason 5: Women who have had a mastectomy and want to rebuild and reconstruct their breasts. For them, breast augmentation has an important psychological meaning.

Where to have a breast enlargement?

Breast augmentation should only be performed by trained medical personnel in a state-licensed clinic. I strongly recommend seeing the premises and staff in person before signing a contract, and also having them show you the insurance documents. Cheap offers from abroad are associated with great health and financial risks.

When should women have breast augmentation?

There are clear medical indications, such as a very small breast or reconstruction of the breast after an amputation. Women who really suffer from the size of their breast should definitely seek advice. I myself do not believe that young women under the age of 18 already have the maturity to make such a decision for beauty reasons (the exception being extremely uneven breasts). They are too often under the influence of beauty ideals and friends, and cannot foresee the long-term consequences, especially with very large breasts.

Risks of breast surgery

Like all surgeries, breast augmentation carries risks. These include scarring, infection, implant rupture, wrinkling of the skin around the implant site, breast pain, and more. The procedure is usually performed under general anesthesia. This is a general risk in all surgeries. Although breast implants are certified by health authorities, complications can always occur in a medical procedure. Please make sure that you fully understand the surgeons explanations.

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