Eat Vegan food, because it’s healthy

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Common nutritional knowledge has come a long way nowadays. We have it in our hands to decide for a balanced and healthy diet, influencing our wellbeing, fitness, and wholesomeness positively and even prevent diseases in the long term. 

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Vegan food contains lots of delicious fruits and vegetables.

A balanced diet can help you to prevent heart diseases, diabetes, cancer, and metabolic diseases, among many others. The focus is on the word “balanced,” as too one-sided nutritional choices are not beneficial; even these would be food options that are generally regarded as healthy, like greeneries. Opposite, these could even lead to malnutrition and make us prone to becoming ill. A recent in 2020 study found, that a low-fat vegan diet could contribute to better overall health. The study followed just under 250 people for four months. Over the four months, people in the vegan group lost weight, upped their insulin resistance, and lost fat. 

Vegan food options have proven to provide health benefits, and many delicious recipes are available. Meat and dairy products, or animal products in general, can be replaced nowadays conveniently. You do not need to sacrifice the taste of your meals, as these alternative vegan foods deliver a yummy taste as well.

A vegan diet can help you to gain weight loss. It can lower your cholesterol levels and help you to prevent heart diseases. It also has a positive effect to minimize the risk for certain types of cancer, like colon cancer. Also, it can support you in controlling your A1C levels and manage diabetes. 

Vegan food needs some nutrients

However, living purely vegan must be planned and managed carefully, as you are also prone to a too one-sided diet when living strictly vegan. Certain fats, sugar, and in general, carbohydrates are vegan, so you are still at risk for obesity and diabetes. If not adequately planned and managed, you can easily lack essential nutrients, like in every one-sided diet. There are also unhealthy vegan fast food and junk food options available.

Furthermore, your vegan diet must still be balanced with plant-based products delivering you enough essential fatty acids, iron, protein, and Vitamin B12. There are plenty of recipes available in dedicated cooking books and YouTube channels focusing on healthy vegan menus and helping you to manage such a healthy balanced diet. 

Besides a diet many vegan people also care about the mind and the body. It is no surprise that Yoga is a great addition to a vegan lifestyle.

If you are hesitating to go fully vegan, you can also opt for a vegetarian diet. Here you can still consume dairy products, eggs, and honey. Or you might want to try out first to live as a responsible flexitarian by reducing animal products as much as possible and buying only from certified organic producers and farms with high animal welfare standards. 

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