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We know where we came from, we know where are, but where are we going? Will the world after Covid-19 be the same? How did the pandemic change the world, and more important, our world? For many people in developed countries, the changes in 2020 were dramatic. They experienced restrictions and even shortages most only heard from parents or grandparents when they remember the war. And yet here we are, enjoying freedom between lockdowns, hoarding toilet paper or baked beans. And the virus comes closer. Before, patients were numbers. Now, we know someone whose friend got it. Or our friend got it. And too many already have a infected family member or lost someone in the family.

So, what has this to do with modern life? It is because we need a new definition of modern life, or better. A new understanding. The new modern life is not about us, it is about the community. How can we live together and how can we live long and prosperous. Covid-19 showed us that the community of scientist created a miracle: The sequenced the virus in record time and within a year, the first vaccines were distributed. IF we could have the same spirit in fighting climate change, poverty and discrimination, imagine how much better the world could be.

Every crisis provides an opportunity sounds easy, but isn’t when you lost your job and family members, just because some people insisted of gathering in public spaces or travel when it wasn’t advised. But still, mankind always got up (usually with the help of womankind), and we will raise again. But we need to learn from this experience and not imagine the old normal as the next normal. Modern life will soon be a life under a constant threat, that the crises can be back in an instance.

The coming changes for you in modern life

  • Technology: We will soon get faster tests for any new and old disease and better tracking systems, warning us about threats. Doctors will be able to diagnose and treat more people in less time and better quality.
  • Self-Care: While sitting alone we started learning how to care about our self. Whether we started workouts ad home or Yoga, Meditation or Pilates: The balance between our mind and our body is important. This is what makes us resilient.
  • Environment: We have lost our focus in climate change for a while (Sorry, Greta), but even fewer flights and a collapsing economy will not stop climate change. It is real, and we all can do something. You can go vegan to reduce methane gas emissions and destruction of forests for meat production. You can get solar panels in the roof of your house or sell the car and take the bus.
  • Health: The medicine of the future is personalized and optimized. We will have better doctors with better tools, AI powered machines who can diagnose better than an MRI. But we also get better nurses and medical personnel with higher skills, since machines can to the daily chores for them.

What can save us are a few things:

Modern life in the 20s will be amazing, as it was for many in the 1920s. This was a time when modern art and music and science was developed. Let’s do it again: Look forward, and make the world a better, healthier and more exciting place.

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