New Health

Our new health will change dramatically in the new 20s and some say for the good. Since we know that a vaccine can be developed within a year (take that, Covid-19!), modern medicine received a huge boost in popularity, confidence and to a certain extent funding. But that’s just the beginning. Our new health will be monitored by new gadgets and sensors, the IoT and a AI.

New Health may not need old devices anymore.

The Medical Futurist, a website dedicated to the future of medicine, predicts a major shift in all parts of health and medicine. We already ask Dr. Google when we need an answer for a symptom or a medical question. Dr. Bertalan Mesko found out, that this is a increasing trend.

There are over 1 billion health-related searches on Google every single day, according to a report. This was about 7% of all searches on the platform before, and no one will be surprised when the 2020 data massively surpasses this number. After all, the internet is likely the first source to turn to with your health-related questions.

We can monitor our pulse, heartbeat and oxygen on our smartwatch or fitness band, our scale transmits he data to a health app, Amazons Halo scans the shape of our body and our phone counts the daily steps. Apps help us calm down, give instructions for Yoga postures and send us a healthy recipe every day. We already have a lot of devices which help us to be healthier.

New health is digital health

In 2050, we will maintain our health primarily with the help of digital technologies and electronic everyday aids such as cyber training, fitness apps and wearables. Thanks to detailed gene analysis, the fight against hereditary diseases is as good as won. Robotics, gene therapy and biodegradable implants will play a central role in the treatment of sick people.

Our doctor is available 24 hours a day thanks to telemedicine, and the screen replaces home visits as well as consultations. Overall, medical progress is leading to higher life expectancy and better care for seniors: The elderly and those in need of assistance can live more independent lives for longer. Third-party care is sometimes even superfluous thanks to digital life assistants that are set up to meet the needs of the elderly. And in the smart home, technologies can even take over care activities.

But: even the best technology will not prepare us a healthy meal and move us. A balanced diet and more exercise are still the two most important components for a healthy life. Just as we need to get our minds in tune with our bodies, we will design our environment to give us optimal conditions. The new health will be supported by technology, but we will still have to be responsible for ourselves.

Your take-away about new health:

  • Technologie will be a major factor in the new health
  • Digital medicine will soon be the major health care provider
  • We will be guided by AI and apps
  • Our overall healt will improve
  • BUT: We are still responsible for our lifestyle
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