Why you should start with a personal fitness program now

Using dumbbells is a easy fitness program

If we think of a personal fitness program, many of us see with our inner eye fitness studios with cardio machines and sophisticated weight machines. For some, this is “heaven”; for others, the “real hell.” Not everybody finds satisfaction and enjoyment in fitness studios. A number of us prefer team experiences or activities outside. Running or cycling without ever arriving is also not everybody’s goal, so are crowded classes for spinning.

Lifting weight keeps you fit, even with drum bells
Lifting weight keeps you fit, even with drum bells

A good personal fitness program cares about your level

However, staying fit is necessary to maintain our health. We do not need to be top-athletes to archive this. Regular activities are something every one of us should implement into our lives to maintain health and mobility also at a higher age. A balanced sport matching your fitness level and interests can be found easily with a wide range of activities available. Budget concerns should not prevent you, as a number of personal fitness program activities can be done at no costs at all or with very little investment. Examples are

  • walking or jogging
  • swimming in the sea lakes, or rivers (if you live nearby and the season allows this)
  • Yoga at home or a park,
  • cycling

But what are the most recommended sports for your overall personal fitness program? In terms of building up stamina and endurance and training your cardio system and muscles without pushing you over the top-sports like lap swimming, mountain biking or road cycling, brisk walking or running, squash, tennis, football/soccer, volleyball, and basketball provide you with excellent training and fun. You can practice these sports at your own pace and according to your fitness level.

Why not trying out golf or kajaking?

In general, all kinds of water sports like kayaking, canoeing, rowing, or paddleboarding will benefit your fitness as well. Some training and practice are needed to handle these sports gear safely, but if you enjoy these sports, you will learn this quickly.

For those not familiar with golf, this might look like a very leisurely sport to enjoy time outside but don’t be fooled. Also, golf is a demanding activity and burns a good number of calories while challenging your muscles.

Personal fitness program for 2021: From Zumba to Tai Chi

If you enjoy dancing, you might have already experienced how fun and fitness go together hand in hand. The same is for aerobics or Zumba, which combines dancing elements with fitness training. If you want to start at a slower but still effective pace, consider Tai Chi and Yoga. Some Yoga styles are more demanding, but you can choose a type that builds up your flexibility and strength step by step before considering the more demanding Yoga styles.

To build up and train your muscles to get your overall personal fitness program starting, you can also practice easy exercises at home. You can increase the repetitions step by step in line with the progress your fitness is improving. Some of these exercises can be done without props, while for others, you need a set of light dumbbells (or filled water bottles to replace the dumbbells). Small training programs for starters can be found online, like for example here at healthy Fitness)

Yoga is on kind of personal fitness program you can try
Yoga is on kind of fitness program you can try

Keep going with your personal fitness program

Maintaining your fitness does not need to be a “burden” in your life when you find the most suitable sport for you. Fun and enjoyment must be part of the activity you chose, as forcing yourself to something you do not genuinely enjoy will lead you to give up in the long term.

Becoming and staying fit doesn’t need to break the bank, as many sports activities can be practiced without costs or with minimal investment only. Consider taking classes or working with an experienced trainer if you start a new sport that needs some insight and knowledge to be practiced safely and without harming you or bringing you in danger if done without any previous experience.


Your personal fitness program should be part of our daily lives and bring us not only health benefits but also enjoyment and fun, no matter if you chose a team sport or a solo activity. The above examples are only a small choice of an extensive range of sports activities you can choose from. Find your favorite activity and enjoy a healthy lifestyle, improve your wellbeing, and lead a happy life.

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Philippa White

Author: Philippa White

Philippa worked as a copywriter in Asia and Australia for several magazines and newspapers. She has extensive knowledge in health and lifestyle and is still active as a part-time Yoga instructor.

4 thoughts on “Why you should start with a personal fitness program now

  1. Avatar
    Sinal Meas says:

    Very nice tips for personal fitness program. For me, I regularly practice Aikido (many may not know it :-)) for my personal fitness routine.

    1. Avatar
      Philippa White says:

      Yeah It’s great that you found Aikido as your regular routine. Aikido is an amazing conceptual martial art that doesn’t require strength and it helps body, mind, and spirit.

  2. Avatar
    Marita Melonowa says:

    Thank you so much Philippa for this article. I was searching for some tips about fitness before signing up to a gym or to a class. Since I have a pretty irregular work schedule, a commitment to a class is a bit difficult for me. So I may just learn some Yoga or look for some book about Thai Chi.

    My other idea was start to play golf, but I am not so sure about the costs. Would you have an estimate about how much gear costs for a newcomer.

    1. Philippa White
      Philippa White says:

      Yoga and Tai Chi give you a flexibility that you can practice at anywhere. It’s pretty helpful for you regarding your flexible work schedule. Golf is also interesting and I will let you know about the gear as soon as possible 🙂


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