The 7 best fitness bands

The Talkband 5

Improving our health has never made so much fun. You can join our friends in the gym, get a personal trainer or just run around listening to podcasts and music. And while you do this, little devices will record every breath we take and every move you make. Every step is recorded, your pulse is monitored, and you can even check the amount of calories you burned. Fitness bands are very popular now, and they have a wide range of features. Some are just trackers while the other are a little smartphone on your wrist.

Fitness bands for beginners

We start with the Mi Smart Band 5, produced by the Chinese company Xiaomi. It comes with a competitive price of around $40 depending on where you live. It tracks your steps, and you sleep as well as your heart rate and even has a menstrual cycle tracking and notifications. Furthermore, you can see calls and reject them. What I liked the most that it receives notifications, but you can select which apps are allowed to do so. Since it has a simple color display, battery life is long, more than a week.

One of the best affordable fitness bands The Mi Smartband 5

The Fitbit charge 4 is one of the most popular fitness bands on the market, being a huge success in the US and parts of Europe. It not only tracks your pulse and steps, but also has a built-in GPS chip. Having this, the tracking of your routes is much easier. It has NFC so you can use it as a payment device, and the sleep tracker wakes you up when it’s time or the parameters suggests you had enough. It is a simple but useful device for everyday use.

Garmin is the gold standard when it comes to trekking watches. Many marathon and coss runners won’t start a race without their Garmin, and the watches as well as the GPS devices are top notch. For the mass market and the occasional runner the Vivosmart 4 will do it. It counts your steps with the highest precision and converts them in kilometers or miles. You can set a daily goal, and it checks your heart rate during workouts. The only downside of the waterproof band is that it doesn’t have a GPS. If you need this, you may upgrade to another or the many Garmin models. On the plus side is uses Ox technology measuring the oxygen level in your blood.

Looks good and does the job: The Vivosmart 4

Huawei is getting more popular outside China and Asia, mainly because of it’s well-made phones. But they offer accessories as well, namely the Huawei TalkBand 5. Despite the small size it has a impressive 1.13″ AMOLED display with way more watch faces than the competition can offer. You get a 24/7 heart monitor and a GPS chip. It is a perfect entry level fitness band.

Huawei Talk Band 5

One of the cheapest trackers is the HONOR band 5. And yet, it has the basic functionality of most other fitness bands. The AMOLED display is clear and bright, you can read messages and see the fitness progress. What’s even more impressive is a SpO2 Monitor that tracks oxygen saturation in your blood.

The Honor band 5 fitness band is also a fashion accessory

Amazfit Bip is another basic tracker, that looks a bit like a smartwatch, but doesn’t have the capabilities. Instead, the bulky display may even disturb you while exercising. On the pro side is a GPS and a compass and a battery that can last up to 45 days. You can choose between several sport modes, but you may need some time to figure out the menu.

The Amazfit is not a watch

Amazon Halo is a bit of a strange concept of a fitness band since it doesn’t even have a display. It is just a wristband with a flat plastic body underneath containing the chips. It tracks certain movements but also requires a membership. If you want to know how you did after a run, you can as Alexa or use the app. Then your phone will even show you an avatar with your body composition. The device also analyzes the intensity of your exercise, not just steps.

The Amazon Halo Fitness band
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