The perfect places for meditation

A buddha statue in Thailand. Asia has many perfect places for meditation.

What are the perfect places for your meditation? There is not one single answer only. The options are infinite. A perfect places for meditation can mean something different for each of us. For some, it is a quiet corner in their house or apartment. Others prefer a group experience in a Meditation or Yoga Center. Or a lonely quiet place in nature. Monasteries or churches might be the perfect place for other people. 

Zen monasteries are some of the perfect places for meditation.
Zen monasteries are some of the perfect places for meditation.

While we might take time to mediate in our daily life for a limited duration, at one point, we might crave a more extended period to look after ourselves. Maybe even detaching for a while from family and friends and our smartphones, e-mails, social media, etc. For such more extended periods, a journey abroad might be what we want to do. Here we have the chance to learn new aspects of meditation and perfect our skills in a mindfulness course or while taking a creative time out combining meditation with art. 

Monasteries are perfect places for meditation

We all have a sense of how good meditation can do us. And we also have very different views of what “meditation” actually is. For one, it’s a Buddhist practice best done only in a monastery full of Buddha statues. Another expects more the austere tranquility of a Zen monastery. Or you might think more of a center as perfect places for meditation by the sea with wellness, yoga, and healthy food. Or maybe you thought of a pilgrimage in Christian or other tradition.

In the end, everyone is right. The goal of a meditation journey is not just to meditate, but above all, to find peace and strength, perhaps to learn to harmonize everyday life with work; maybe it is also the first step towards self-healing.

We know that as many ways to meditate, as many different needs can be satisfied with it. They all have one thing in common: It is not something you can learn on the internet and in a short time.

And as many ideas as there are about relaxing, as many options for perfect places for meditation are available. Maybe as a group experience in Asia, possibly as a solitary silent or relaxing seminar in a German monastery, or perhaps as a walking meditation in nature.

New experiences and cultures

A meditation vacation offers all kinds of opportunities to experience meditation’s healing power and release stuck life energies. You can also expect many new and fascinating experiences that will leave a lasting mark on you and your view towards life. 

When you travel to spiritual places, the most beautiful way to travel is the one where you not only experience the outer sights but also rediscover yourself. Where there is enough time just to sit and let it all sink in. Let connections arise, be it to other people, animals, nature, a higher authority, or yourself. 

A time-out in a spiritual center, time for yoga and meditation, a meditation course in a Buddhist monastery, retreats and monastic vacations in a Catholic monastery, a desert tour, yoga in an ashram, Ayurveda, a spiritual round trip to places of power, a stay at a place of pilgrimage, the encounter with nature and animals – all these are wonderful travel opportunities to connect with life, both inside and outside.

The way of St. James is one of the perfect places for meditation

We would like to introduce you to some of the established locations attracting like-minded travelers and offering you the meditation experience you might prefer for yourself. These perfect places for meditation offer either passive and active techniques, sometimes both options, and are the perfect surroundings for your meditation experience.

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A woman takes a rest at the Camino de Santiago pilgramige.

For a walking meditation spanning over several days, the Camino de Santiago, also known as the Way of St. James, attracts pilgrims from all over the world for a deep connection with spirit and nature. It extends from different countries of Europe and even North Africa, on its way to Santiago de Compostela and Finisterre. 

In Peru, the ancient Inca Trail leading to the sacred city of Machu Picchu will connect you with the beliefs of the Inca and their deep connection with nature and their ancient gods. 

From Kailash in Tibet to Angkor Wat in Cambodia

In Tibet, the sacred Kailash mountain is the center of spirituality. The Kailash circuit belongs to one the most impressive spiritual and natural experiences not only for Tibetan Buddhists. 

Nepal and Bhutan offer spiritual stays in their monasteries to connect deeper with the Vajrayana or Mahayana Buddhism and their spiritual practices. In India and Sri Lanka, numerous spiritual centers and ashrams all over these countries offer retreats for meditation, Yoga, and Ayurveda. Those who are more connected with Theravada Buddhism will find their perfect places in Myanmar, Laos, and Thailand.

Angkor Wat in Cambodia s famous as one of the most perfect places for meditation.
Angkor Wat in Cambodia s famous as one of the most perfect places for meditation.

The Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon and several monasteries in the area of Pindaya will guide you on your meditation journey in Myanmar, while in Laos, Luang Prabang is the sacred city to explore. In Thailand, there are monasteries and spiritual centers all over the country. Often forgotten is Cambodia. While it is not common here to spend time in monasteries, there are the ancient sacred ruins of the Khmer Empire with meditation and Yoga retreats in Siem Reap (Angkor Wat), Kampong Cham, and Kep

Japanese monasteries offer retreats to dive deeper into the Zen Buddhism practice while connecting you also with nature. 

Europa has it’s own meditation places

In Italy, France, and Germany, various Catholic monasteries offer spiritual retreats as perfect places for meditation. Also for these stays, this does not mean one has to follow the religion. Like in Asia, everybody is welcome for a spiritual time out. Popular cities are Rome in Italy, Taize in France, or Waldsassen in Germany. Insider recommendations are monastery stays in Mallorca or and the less popular monasteries of Romania. 

The deserts of Africa offer spiritual experiences of a different kind. Here, the emptiness and quietness enable meditation experiences focusing entirely on your spirituality without involving any religious aspects. 

The options are endless indeed, so our above recommendations are just a small selection of the vast possibilities. 

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