What you must know now about the 7 chakra colors

Chakras are all over your body.

The seven chakra colors symbolize the different energy centers located in our bodies. 

According to chakra teachings, we have not only a physical body but also an energy body. This energy body is composed of seven energy centers called chakras. These collect our energies in specific regions of the body.

What you need to know about the 7 chakra colors.
What you need to know about the 7 chakra colors.

Different colors, called chakra colors, identify the centers. They run along the spine to the crown of the head. What is the meaning of the individual nuances, and which colors of the chakras are located at which body region? We will explain to you more. 

1. Red: the Root Chakra

We start from the very bottom. The intense red root chakra is located at the bottom of the spine. It is also called the base chakra because this chakra is considered particularly relevant. When this energy center is disturbed, we struggle with insecurities and basic fears.

The root chakra symbolizes primal confidence, stability, will, assertiveness, instinct, and reproduction.

The body areas of the root chakra are the spine, the kidneys, the colon, the prostate.

2. Orange: the Sacral Chakra

The sacral chakra is located just below the belly button. This chakra is about your attitude towards yourself and your attitude towards life. What do you need and what can you give? 

The sacral chakra symbolizes creativity, eroticism, success, self-confidence, joy, and beauty.

The body areas of the cross chakra are the reproductive organs, legs, skin, the pelvis.

3. Yellow: the Navel Chakra

Next is the yellow navel chakra, which is also known as the solar plexus chakra. It is located at the level of the abdomen, above the belly button. This chakra could also be called the character chakra, as it is primarily concerned with how you distinguish yourself from others and what value you ascribe to yourself.

The solar plexus chakra symbolizes self-love, feelings, development, personality, power, influence.

The body areas of the solar plexus chakra are the pancreas, the nervous system, the stomach, the upper abdomen, the skin.

4. Green: the Heart Chakra

The green heart chakra sits at the heart level, right in the center of the chest. Of course, as the name suggests, this chakra is about matters of the heart. When you are heartbroken, you feel a twitch in your chest, and the heart feels heavy. The energy flow in this zone is disturbed.

The heart chakra symbolizes love, compassion, healing, maturity, faithfulness, truth, security.

The body areas of the heart chakra are the heart, the blood circulation, the lower lung area, and the immune system.

Chakras are all over your body.
Chakras are all over your body.

5. Turquoise / light  blue: the Throat Chakra

The light blue throat chakra is also shown in silver color in some depictions. It is located precisely at the level of the larynx. Here it is mainly about the exchange with our environment. Essential questions are: What do we contribute, what do we let come into our life?

The throat chakra symbolizes communication, presence, appearance, motivation, inspiration, expression.

The body areas of the throat chakra are the thyroid gland, the throat, the neck, the upper lung area, and the bronchi.

6. Indigo blue: the Forehead Chakra

The forehead chakra is also blue. Unlike the light blue throat chakra, however, it is a deep, dark indigo blue. The forehead chakra is an extraordinary energy center, often referred to as the Third Eye.

Experienced chakra teachers are said to achieve a new level of perception and intuition through the Third Eye. As a result, they see things that remain hidden from other people. Those who work more intensively with the forehead chakra can also achieve this ability.

The forehead chakra symbolizes cognition, thinking, perception, intuition, willpower, vision.

The body areas of the forehead chakra are the eyes, the nose, the forehead, the temples, the upper part of the spine.

7. Violet: the Crown Chakra

We have arrived at the “highest” chakra, which is called the crown chakra. This energy center is about everything that goes beyond ordinary and realistic thinking.

The crown chakra symbolizes growth, spirituality, faith, new beginnings, letting go, universal consciousness.

The body areas of the crown chakra are the brain, the skull, the pineal gland.

Chakra Colors: How brightly do your colors shine?

When we are healthy and happy, all the chakras’ colors shine brightly and intensely – that’s the chakra theory. When we have problems, conflicts, and fears, the color in specific energy centers fades – depending on what kind of difficulty is involved. And since the chakras are also related to certain parts of the body, physical symptoms can form as well.

You can find out how strong your chakra colors glow by doing chakra meditation. This can clear energy blockages, which will make you feel better both physically and mentally. Try it out. This mindfulness exercise is incredibly relaxing and adds to your well-being.

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