All about camping and why it is so much fun

Camping is a worldwide trend
Camping and sitting on a bonfire is always exciting.

Camping is becoming worldwide more and more popular as a holiday accommodation option. Over the last years, especially Asian travelers discovered the charm of such holidays, while before this kind of traveling was mostly popular among Western travelers or adventure seekers.   A new survey from Expedia found that 85 percent of Americans intend to take a road trip this summer

Living in tents was, for centuries, the regular life for many people across the continents. Yurts in Mongolia and Central Asia, the Tipis and Wigwams of the Native Americans, the Kotes of the Samen in Scandinavia, the tents of the Nomadic tribes across Africa and the Middle East – the idea of settling down in a tent is not new. 

Camping came late to Europe

While our modern lifestyle has made us settle down in solid and durable buildings, the charm of spending time outdoors by camping has never ceased, even if it was not popular for long periods in the past. In Europe, camping was revived “officially” in 1908, when Thomas Hiram Holding became the author of the first known camper’s handbook. In this, he explained the essentials of camping and became known as the “father of modern recreational camping.”

What’s’ more romantic than a night in a tent under the stars?

Over the years, the tenting experiences became refined and offered options for the preferences of everybody. Whether it is rough camping out in the wild, where some basic survival skills are necessary, to luxurious RV homes for the demanding campers – every traveler will find her or his niche to enjoy their favorite camping trip.

Luxury camping in rural Cambodia

Also, for worldwide trips, a wide range of options is available, just to name a few: tented camps in Nepal for trekkers in the Himalayas, jungle camps for explorers in Borneo, luxury tented camps for visitors of the Pushkar Festival in India, a Floating Lodge located on the Tatai River in Koh Kong in Cambodia, a Berber experience in Morocco, tented lodges for wildlife watching in East Africa, caravan tours in Europe, RV trips in Australia or North America, school trips in small Iglu tents in Italy … chose your favorite, as you will always find an option catering your wishes. 

For many, outdoor activities are the main reason to chose setting up a camp. You can reach remote areas without needing to rely on hotels or guesthouses and combine your trip with hiking and trekking, fishing, kayaking or rafting, wildlife watching, mountaineering. Others appreciate the group-experience together with family and friends, with bonfires, barbecues and play music and sing in the evenings in the camp.

It is fun for young and old, no matter if you just spend a weekend trip together, or you go on a long journey abroad. Nowadays, camping in your backyard or garden has become popular too. It is an exciting option, especially for young children, to make their first outdoor and camping experience and invite friends over for an exciting overnight stay outdoors. There is a good reason for the famous saying that a person is a Happy Camper.

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